The New General Leadership Team

MizzouThon welcomed 24 students to the 2015-2016 General Leadership Team at the end of the 2015 school year! All of these talented and unique individuals were chosen through a selective application and interview process. We were truly blown away by the amount of applications we received and through this interview process we met some of the most amazing people on Mizzou's campus. We could not be more excited to see what this upcoming school year has in store for our new general leadership team!

After learning they were chosen to be part of the MizzouThon General Leadership team, everyone was invited to attend our end of the school year Family event which was "beach" themed. The new members jumped right in to meet some of our wonderful miracle families and they were able to interact with our miracle kids in an intimate setting. 

We were also able to have our first general leadership meeting where everyone was briefed on what to expect for the upcoming school year. The leadership meeting landed on "Wishbone Day", a day that brings awareness to osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. One our of miracle kids, Connor, is affected by OI so everyone wore yellow in support for our little fighter!


We could not be more excited to welcome our new members to MizzouThon leadership and we're ready to make this year the biggest and best one yet FTK, of course.

our AMAZING new leadership members:

Lauren Knudson
Courtney Schietbout
Sarah Godke
Bailey Baucum 
Shelbi Grothaus
Steven Ziegler 
Allison Josselet
Morgan Mann
Cole Lawson
Colleen Fagan
Maci Daniel
Tyler Jackman
Louise Sarver
Jodi Peterson
Rachel Thomas
Jessica Blankenship
Radheya Naik
Preston Dynes
Cameron Rolf 
Katelyn Cinnamon
Frances Jones, 
Morgan Fryman 
John Courtois
Kelly Gillock

Adopt-A-Family Events!

The Adopt-A-Family program is one of the cool ways organizations on campus can get more involved in MizzouThon. Each organization involved gets matched with a Miracle Family and is given the unique opportunity to develop a close bond to that specific family.  We’ve heard great feedback from both the organizations and the families in the program. Over the past couple weeks, the program has been in full swing!


On February 15th, the men of Theta Chi Fraternity had an event with their Miracle Kid, Cassidy-Rae (C-Rae).  C-Rae was born premature and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a hearing impairment. She’s always smiling and is easily one of the happiest girls you will ever meet! The men of Theta Chi said they had a great time getting to know C-Rae and her family, and as you can see, C-Rae loved hanging out with her boys!

The next weekend, the ladies of Tri Sigma Sorority threw a birthday party for their Miracle Kid Carli’s 7th birthday.  Carli has Cerebral Palsy, but can be very social with her special communication device! Fun Fact: Carli is a legacy of Tri Sigma Sorority! Both the ladies of Tri Sigma and Carli had a fantastic time!

The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority also had a family event with their Miracle Kid, Connor, that week. Connor has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), which means he has to be more careful than most kids. However, Connor has an amazingly positive outlook on life! Alpha Chi Omega hosted a movie night for Connor, his mom Stacey and sister Mallory. They watched "Planes: Fire and Rescue" and ended the night with a house tour and pillow fight!



Beau and Bryce and $1 million pledge, oh my!

It’s been a jam-packed couple of weeks for MizzouThon!

On Thursday February 5th,  two of our miracle kids, Beau and Bryce, got the opportunity to be the honorary captains at the Mizzou Women’s Basketball game. The women’s basketball team adopted Beau and Bryce through our “Adopt-A-Family” program and has been hanging out with them throughout the year. That night, the boys got a tour of the locker room and were honored at halftime. They had an absolute blast and we loved being able to celebrate it with them! 

 Beau, Bryce and several members of MizzouThon leadership pose after the game! 

Beau, Bryce and several members of MizzouThon leadership pose after the game! 

Thursday, February 12 was another big day for MizzouThon! This was the day we were officially able to announce our big news: we have pledged One Million Dollars over five years to the MU Children’s Hospital to help fund a new NICU. The new NICU will be named after MizzouThon and will house 20 new patient rooms, smart room equipment, and more!. This announcement was a big event for us, as you can expect.

Chancellor Loftin and several members of the Hospital staff came and spoke on our behalf. The Chancellor summed it up nicely when he said, “I’ve been thinking about what makes Mizzou special, and that’s our service. Your energies are devoted to helping others…to seeing other people smile.” Here’s a link to the full gift announcement:

 Erin Ehlers, VP Logistics, and Chancellor Loftin at the Gift Announcement. 

Erin Ehlers, VP Logistics, and Chancellor Loftin at the Gift Announcement. 

18 days until the Main Event!!

Recruitment Week Wrap-Up!

Two weeks ago was recruitment week over in the MizzouThon camp! Throughout the entire week, we focused on “The Power of One”. Each day we looked deeper into what one dollar, one hour, one dancer, one kid, and one NICU can do!

The theme of Monday was “The Power of One Dollar”. We found out that ten dollars can provide 30 minutes of music therapy to kids who are on the Autism spectrum or who have other developmental delays. 30 Dollars can provide a family who doesn’t live in Columbia with a gas card to drive to and from the hospital to be with their child. It’s crazy to think how much can be done with such small amounts of money!

On Tuesday, our theme was “The Power of One Hour”.  When “canning” or fundraising for three hours, we raise around $40. That’s such and easy way to make a huge difference in peoples’ lives!

Wednesday’s theme was “The Power of One Dancer”. This day was very special to us because it was a day to showcase the bonds we, as dancers, make with the kids and their families. Our Miracle kids LOVE hanging out with us and just seeing us for a few minutes absolutely makes their day. And it’s not just the kids and their families that benefit from this interaction. Hanging out with these kids and getting to know them on a personal level is one of the neatest things about this organization. We are given the opportunity to do great things all while hanging out with incredible people. How lucky are we?!

On Thursday, our theme was “The Power of One Kid”. Today was all about the kids. We got to spend the day telling everyone all of the Miracle Kids’ stories. We talked about how brave and strong each of our Miracle Kids are and how much they’ve gone through in their short lives.

The theme of the last day of Recruitment week was “The Power of One NICU”.  MizzouThon recently made a pledge to the MU Children’s Hospital of One Million Dollars to build a new NICU. For the next five years, we will be raising money to reach this goal. This NICU will help thousands of families for years to come and we are so excited to be a part of such a great hospital.

Welcome to everyone who registered these past couple of weeks! We are so excited to have you on our now 500+ person team and we can’t wait to see what you do with this organization! FTK

What We're Thankful For

Here at MizzouThon, we have a lot to be thankful for: our miracles kids and families, our dancers and supporters, and our ability to make a difference through programs at the hospital! Check out what some members of our leadership are thinking about during this Thanksgiving season. We hope you have the best Turkey Day yet! 

Members of MizzouThon Leadership say what they're thankful for this holiday season!


Welcome to our first official blog post as MizzouThon!  We are so excited for all the new things we have going on this year and cannot wait for everyone to begin getting involved! Over the course of the next few months, we will add posts to the blog spotlighting different Miracle Families and special events that MizzouThon is hosting. Our first post is a combination of the two!

This year we are introducing the Adopt-A-Family program. This program is an opportunity for larger organizations such as Greek Chapters, Residence Halls, and Sports teams to get more involved in MizzouThon. Through this program, each organization will have the chance to “adopt” a family. This means that the organization will get to spend significant one-on-one time with a single Miracle Kid and his or her family. This is a really unique opportunity for organizations to build deeper connections with these amazing individuals. We’re so excited for all of our organizations involved to take advantage of this opportunity!

Now that you have all of the background information, we’re pleased to announce that our first family has been adopted! The Mizzou Women’s Basketball Team has adopted the Edwards family!! Beau and Bryce are nine-year-old twins who are full of energy and love sports and playing music. They were born prematurely with complications, but thanks to their fighting spirits and the amazing love and support from their parents, Beau and Bryce are healthy, lively kids today! In their partnership with the Basketball team, the boys will get tours of the arena and get the opportunity to sit in on some practices among other awesome opportunities! The boys are ecstatic with their new adoptive family and we can’t wait to see what cool things they get to do!

Meet MizzouThon

Hey Mizzou, 

We'd like to reintroduce ourselves.

We are MizzouThon and we believe in the right to be a kid.

Perhaps you've seen the secretive videos on Facebook, or heard a few hints on Twitter. We're excited to finally and officially announce our new name, MizzouThon.

We will now be officially known as MizzouThon, the University of Missouri's Dance Marathon. Black and gold are our colors and we have a new logo to match. The logo, which bears the new name, has an upward arrow recognizing our continuous goal to keep moving forward. We will focus on the mantra, "the right to be a kid," while of course keeping our FTK chant.

We are still the same organization with the same cause. Yet, we hope that this transition to MizzouThon will allow those in the community, on campus, and across the nation to see that we are not just a dance marathon. We are an organization that hosts an dance marathon and continues to work the other 364 days of the year in honor of the cause, our kids. 

We hope that our color change allows you to see that we align with the University and are proud to be Mizzou's largest student-led philanthropy. Campus involvement, spirit, and support are important to us. We belong to a school and community where tradition is a standard and we hope to honor that.

Join us this week at our Meet MizzouThon events.

Monday, September 29th, 11a-1p on Lowry Mall: free food, giveaways, games, and Y107! Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Tuesday, September 30th, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Free Harold's Doughnuts & Blenders Coffee! Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Wednesday, October 1st, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Wednesday, October 1st, 9:30pm at Bengals Lair: Comedy Wars Pass-the-Helmet

Thursday, October 2nd, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Mizzou student philanthropy raises more than $175,000

COLUMBIA – March 9, 2014 – Five-hundred University of Missouri students stood 13.1 hours Saturday during an annual event that raised $176,290.55 for MU Children’s Hospital. Exceeding last year’s donation of just over $152,000, Mizzou Dance Marathon remains the largest student-run philanthropy on campus with its “dance marathon,” an event in which participants dance and stand in solidarity with pediatric patients and their families.

“I am so overjoyed with the success of this year’s Main Event,” said Ellen O’Connor, executive director of Mizzou Dance Marathon and a senior in the MU Nursing Program. “I am so proud of the incredible Mizzou Dance Marathon leadership team and dancers for making the event happen. Together, we are able to fund programs and units at the Children's Hospital to support the kids we dance for. There was a very positive spirit all day.”

In the thirteenth hour, known as “power hour,” DJs encouraged participants to keep moving and dancing even though they might be getting tired and not know exactly what the time was—a small glimpse into the world of families with kids who are patients at the children’s hospital.

The event, which started at noon Saturday with a grand entrance from Dance Marathon’s Miracle Families (children and families from the children’s hospital) and the Mizzou drum line, ended with an emotional ceremony during which the families cut off the symbolic hospital bracelets each dancer had worn during the 13.1 hours.

The organization’s $75,000 yearly pledge works with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to support the NICU TLC Program, a music therapy program, part-time teachers’ salaries and the Children’s Blood Disorder’s and Cancer Unit (CBCU).

Mizzou Dance Marathon continues to remain among the largest dance marathons of Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals college programs.