Mizzou student philanthropy raises more than $175,000

COLUMBIA – March 9, 2014 – Five-hundred University of Missouri students stood 13.1 hours Saturday during an annual event that raised $176,290.55 for MU Children’s Hospital. Exceeding last year’s donation of just over $152,000, Mizzou Dance Marathon remains the largest student-run philanthropy on campus with its “dance marathon,” an event in which participants dance and stand in solidarity with pediatric patients and their families.

“I am so overjoyed with the success of this year’s Main Event,” said Ellen O’Connor, executive director of Mizzou Dance Marathon and a senior in the MU Nursing Program. “I am so proud of the incredible Mizzou Dance Marathon leadership team and dancers for making the event happen. Together, we are able to fund programs and units at the Children's Hospital to support the kids we dance for. There was a very positive spirit all day.”

In the thirteenth hour, known as “power hour,” DJs encouraged participants to keep moving and dancing even though they might be getting tired and not know exactly what the time was—a small glimpse into the world of families with kids who are patients at the children’s hospital.

The event, which started at noon Saturday with a grand entrance from Dance Marathon’s Miracle Families (children and families from the children’s hospital) and the Mizzou drum line, ended with an emotional ceremony during which the families cut off the symbolic hospital bracelets each dancer had worn during the 13.1 hours.

The organization’s $75,000 yearly pledge works with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to support the NICU TLC Program, a music therapy program, part-time teachers’ salaries and the Children’s Blood Disorder’s and Cancer Unit (CBCU).

Mizzou Dance Marathon continues to remain among the largest dance marathons of Children’s Miracle Networks Hospitals college programs.