Meet MizzouThon

Hey Mizzou, 

We'd like to reintroduce ourselves.

We are MizzouThon and we believe in the right to be a kid.

Perhaps you've seen the secretive videos on Facebook, or heard a few hints on Twitter. We're excited to finally and officially announce our new name, MizzouThon.

We will now be officially known as MizzouThon, the University of Missouri's Dance Marathon. Black and gold are our colors and we have a new logo to match. The logo, which bears the new name, has an upward arrow recognizing our continuous goal to keep moving forward. We will focus on the mantra, "the right to be a kid," while of course keeping our FTK chant.

We are still the same organization with the same cause. Yet, we hope that this transition to MizzouThon will allow those in the community, on campus, and across the nation to see that we are not just a dance marathon. We are an organization that hosts an dance marathon and continues to work the other 364 days of the year in honor of the cause, our kids. 

We hope that our color change allows you to see that we align with the University and are proud to be Mizzou's largest student-led philanthropy. Campus involvement, spirit, and support are important to us. We belong to a school and community where tradition is a standard and we hope to honor that.

Join us this week at our Meet MizzouThon events.

Monday, September 29th, 11a-1p on Lowry Mall: free food, giveaways, games, and Y107! Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Tuesday, September 30th, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Free Harold's Doughnuts & Blenders Coffee! Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Wednesday, October 1st, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Register to be a part of MizzouThon.

Wednesday, October 1st, 9:30pm at Bengals Lair: Comedy Wars Pass-the-Helmet

Thursday, October 2nd, 11a-1p at Speakers Circle: Register to be a part of MizzouThon.