Recruitment Week Wrap-Up!

Two weeks ago was recruitment week over in the MizzouThon camp! Throughout the entire week, we focused on “The Power of One”. Each day we looked deeper into what one dollar, one hour, one dancer, one kid, and one NICU can do!

The theme of Monday was “The Power of One Dollar”. We found out that ten dollars can provide 30 minutes of music therapy to kids who are on the Autism spectrum or who have other developmental delays. 30 Dollars can provide a family who doesn’t live in Columbia with a gas card to drive to and from the hospital to be with their child. It’s crazy to think how much can be done with such small amounts of money!

On Tuesday, our theme was “The Power of One Hour”.  When “canning” or fundraising for three hours, we raise around $40. That’s such and easy way to make a huge difference in peoples’ lives!

Wednesday’s theme was “The Power of One Dancer”. This day was very special to us because it was a day to showcase the bonds we, as dancers, make with the kids and their families. Our Miracle kids LOVE hanging out with us and just seeing us for a few minutes absolutely makes their day. And it’s not just the kids and their families that benefit from this interaction. Hanging out with these kids and getting to know them on a personal level is one of the neatest things about this organization. We are given the opportunity to do great things all while hanging out with incredible people. How lucky are we?!

On Thursday, our theme was “The Power of One Kid”. Today was all about the kids. We got to spend the day telling everyone all of the Miracle Kids’ stories. We talked about how brave and strong each of our Miracle Kids are and how much they’ve gone through in their short lives.

The theme of the last day of Recruitment week was “The Power of One NICU”.  MizzouThon recently made a pledge to the MU Children’s Hospital of One Million Dollars to build a new NICU. For the next five years, we will be raising money to reach this goal. This NICU will help thousands of families for years to come and we are so excited to be a part of such a great hospital.

Welcome to everyone who registered these past couple of weeks! We are so excited to have you on our now 500+ person team and we can’t wait to see what you do with this organization! FTK