The New General Leadership Team

MizzouThon welcomed 24 students to the 2015-2016 General Leadership Team at the end of the 2015 school year! All of these talented and unique individuals were chosen through a selective application and interview process. We were truly blown away by the amount of applications we received and through this interview process we met some of the most amazing people on Mizzou's campus. We could not be more excited to see what this upcoming school year has in store for our new general leadership team!

After learning they were chosen to be part of the MizzouThon General Leadership team, everyone was invited to attend our end of the school year Family event which was "beach" themed. The new members jumped right in to meet some of our wonderful miracle families and they were able to interact with our miracle kids in an intimate setting. 

We were also able to have our first general leadership meeting where everyone was briefed on what to expect for the upcoming school year. The leadership meeting landed on "Wishbone Day", a day that brings awareness to osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle bone disease. One our of miracle kids, Connor, is affected by OI so everyone wore yellow in support for our little fighter!


We could not be more excited to welcome our new members to MizzouThon leadership and we're ready to make this year the biggest and best one yet FTK, of course.

our AMAZING new leadership members:

Lauren Knudson
Courtney Schietbout
Sarah Godke
Bailey Baucum 
Shelbi Grothaus
Steven Ziegler 
Allison Josselet
Morgan Mann
Cole Lawson
Colleen Fagan
Maci Daniel
Tyler Jackman
Louise Sarver
Jodi Peterson
Rachel Thomas
Jessica Blankenship
Radheya Naik
Preston Dynes
Cameron Rolf 
Katelyn Cinnamon
Frances Jones, 
Morgan Fryman 
John Courtois
Kelly Gillock