MizzouThon has a young, yet rich, history at MU. Over our 10 year history, we have raised a grand total of $1,307,844.41 all For The Kids (FTK)!  As we enter our 10 year anniversary, take a look at where we came from and where we are today. No matter the year, we are always FTK.



- Transitioned from a fall event to a spring event


- $56,928

In 2011, MU Dance Marathon broke $50,000, but their emotional support for their Miracle Kids was only growing stronger.


- $106,201

2012 brought MU Dance Marathon's first 5K. Their successful event brought students and community members together.


- $152,402.44

The Zero Zeroes campaign was launched in 2013 with the goal of having all dancers raise at least $1. They also rebranded from MU Dance Marathon to Mizzou Dance Marathon in this year.


- $176,290.55

Mizzou Dance Marathon's future was bright. After six years of successful outreach and fundraising they were able to implement a dancer minimum fundraisng requirement. An exciting new chapter was approaching as the 2014 Main Event marked the last time MU's Dance Marathon program would be branded as Mizzou Dance Marathon.


- $201,322.68

In an effort to show the full scope of what their organization does, Mizzou Dance Marathon transitioned to MizzouThon in Spring 2014. This change is believed to reflect the true meaning of their cause, and show their support for year-long efforts for the right to be a kid. MizzouThon also transitioned their colors from blue to black and gold, the official colors of MU. Using the university colors shows others that campus involvement, spirit, and MU traditions are important to the movement. During this time MizzouThon also signed their $1 million pledge to the MU Childrens Hospital's NICU.


- $276,641.11

As the largest student-run philanthropy at MU, MizzouThon was growing quickly. In 2016, they surpassed 1,000 dancers at their Main Event.


- $304,604.63

MizzouThon's motto of "every child has the right to be a kid" was a recognizable phrase around campus as the movement continued to grow. They held their very first push day and raised over $24,000 in one day. MizzouThon also held a successful 5K, and their Mini MizzouThon raised $17,000.


- ?

Join the movement to ensure every child has the right to be a kid. Together we'll make 2018 the most FTK yet!