Obviously we think MizzouThon (previously Mizzou Dance Marathon) is fabulous. What's everyone else saying? Read all about us.

Columbians run a 5k For The Kids
KOMU, November 2017

 MizzouThon FT5K on November 5, 2016. (Photo by Stephanie Sidoti)

Flipping for the kids 
University of Missouri, March 2017

Students participate in Mini Mizzouthon to help kids
Bearing News, February 2017

For the kids
University of Missouri, March 2016

MizzouThon turns dance into dough for neonatal intensive care unit
Columbia Missourian, March 2015 

Will dance for kids
University of Missouri, March 2015

MizzouThon continues record breaking streak
The Maneater, March 2015

NICU expansion at Women's and Children's Hospital on schedule
Columbia Daily Tribune, October 2014 

New music therapy program at MU Children's Hospital uses instruments to help kids heal
University of Missouri Health System, April 2014

For the Kids: Mizzou Dance Marathon
Literally, Darling, March 2014

Dance Marathon is about more than dancing
Her Campus, March 2014

Dance Marathon breaks fundraising record
The Maneater, March 2014

Mizzou Dance Marathon philanthropy begins
KOMU, March 2014

Mizzou Dance Marathon Main Event photo gallery
The Columbia Tribune, March 2014

Mizzou Dance Marathon doubles previous year's donations
Mizzou College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, March 2013

Dancers team up with Miracle Children in support of Mizzou Dance Marathon
The Maneater, March 2013

Mizzou Dance Marathon raises thousands of dollars with FT5K
The Maneater, October 2012