starts as leadership, ends as family. 

Being a part of leadership is more than just planning and dancing. Leadership with MizzouThon means being a part of the MizzouThon family and provides a unique journey unlike anywhere else on Mizzou’s campus.

As the largest student-run philanthropy at Mizzou, we develop students in areas from accounting to graphic design and many more. It will undoubtedly be an experience you’ve never had before and will leave you not only with immense personal growth but also the reward of seeing your hard work manifest in changing the lives of the kids we benefit.

For questions about MizzouThon’s leadership structure, please email our current Vice-President of Leadership Development, Brandon Splitter, at


Our Leadership Philosophy

At MizzouThon, we believe our leadership is the heart of our organization. We don’t view our team as part of the movement, but rather, they are the movement. As leadership, it is our job to share an experience with our campus.

In order to be successful in sharing that experience, we believe it key to take time to develop our leadership. That means we take interest in people who have never held leadership positions before or are underclassman. We then ask our more experienced leadership to invest time in guiding our new team members.

It is important to us that everyone on leadership believes you don’t have to be in charge to take charge. This means from president to committee member to participant, everyone should be just as invested in doing what it takes to change the lives of our kids. No task is too large or too small for anyone to complete.

If you are looking for something different, something life changing, something that lifts you beyond yourself – become a part of the MizzouThon movement. 


MizzouThon is comprised of a body of students known as general leadership. General Leadership encompasses the entirety of all positions below and is served by 80+ passionate individuals each year.

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team consists of our Executive President and eight Vice-Presidents. Each of the Vice-Presidents oversees one of MizzouThon’s key divisions: Logistics, Internal Development, External Development, Dancer Relations, Marketing, Family Relations, Leadership Development, and Recruitment.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the Senior Leadership Team and 20+ committee Directors. These Directors are responsible for helping guide each committee within a specific Division and provide fluidity to the organization. Directors are selected in the spring semester of each year. 

Committee members

Rounding out MizzouThon's Leadership structure are Committee Members. Committee Members work with Vice-Presidents and Directors to complete tasks throughout the year. Committee members are selected in the fall semester of each year.


Any existing member of the Leadership team for that year is eligible to apply to be a Moraler. These individuals still remain in their Committee or lead role but take on the added responsibility of learning the Morale Dance. Moralers will be selected internally two months before the Main Event.

Division Breakdown


Dancer relations

Alumni, Dancer Investment, Dancer Programming (Miracle Cup/Adopt-A-Family)

Internal Development

Analytics, Accounting, Fundraising Strategy, Strategic Insight, Systems Management


Main Event, Family Events, FT5K, Mini MizzouThon, Morale


Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Graphic Design, Multimedia, External Communications, Web Development, Media Relations

External Development

Monetary & In-Kind Sponsorships, Partnerships


Greek Life Recruitment, Campus Involvement, Community Engagement


Family Relations Directors

Leadership Development

Internal Communication, Human Resources, Social Programming