Adopt-A-Family Program 

What is Adopt-A-Family?

The Adopt-A-Family program is designed to allow Mizzou student organizations to establish a personal connection to the purpose of MizzouThon by facilitating a year-long relationship with one of our Miracle Families.

Greek chapters, residence halls, and other organizations on campus are encouraged to participate in our Adopt-A-Family program. All organization sizes are welcome!

If your organization is interested in participating in our Adopt-A-Family program or want more information, contact our Director of Dancer Programs, Hanna Reinkinmeyer.

Interested in adopting a Miracle Family?


Here’s why it’s worth it:

  • Connection with a Miracle Family ALL YEAR!
  • Priceless memories
  • Great philanthropic visibility on campus
  • Making a lasting difference in a Miracle Family's life

all you have to do:

  • Plan one event for your Miracle Family per year
  • A certain percentage* of your group registers for the Main Event 
  • A certain percentage* of your group raises their dancer minimum of $100 
  • Communication with MizzouThon Leadership about where you stand throughout the year  
* percentages based off of organization group size.