Miracle Cup

What is it?

The Miracle Cup program is designed to encourage friendly competition among organizations. This includes Greek chapters, residence halls, Mizzou organizations and even off-campus organizations. Through this program, teams are awarded points for their FTK involvement throughout the year. A team's involvement is measured by fundraising, attendance at various events and the team's enthusiasm at the Main Event. The yearly Miracle Cup winners will be announced at the Main Event.

How to join a team?

To compete for the organization(s) you are involved in, make sure to select your organization's team when registering for MizzouThon. If your organization does not have a team made yet, you can make the team. When registering, select "Create a Team" and list your organization's name as the team name. Let other members of your organization know that you have created a team, and ask them to register.  

You can support any organization you're involved in at Mizzou. You can also support multiple organizations. To do this, make sure that when you register for MizzouThon, you list all organizations you're a part of. Although you’ll only visibly be on one team when you register, your efforts will be counted toward the other teams’ totals as well.  

Miracle Cup 2018 Winners

Small Organization: CLSA

Large Organization: Fiji

X-Large Organization: Phi Mu

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Please direct questions to our Miracle Cup Director, Amy Lehman miraclecup.mizzouthon@gmail.com