The Heart of our Movement

Every year, pediatric patients in mid-Missouri join our MizzouThon Family as our Miracle Kids. They can expect to receive year-round personal attention, support and friendship from our members. Our Miracle Kids are the sole reason why MizzouThon exists. Their strength, love and resilience are what drives this movement year after year.


“Dance Marathon has become, to my boys and me, something we look forward to, a little bit of sunshine in our seemingly very routine lives. We have made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.”
-Mom of Beau and Bryce

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“Becoming a Miracle Family is one of the best things we have ever done. We have a whole new family. The Mizzou students are so compassionate and you can just see the love when they see our children.”
- Mom of C-Rae

Meet our Miracles

T.J is a fun, determined, boy that loves life. Born with a degenerative muscular condition, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, T.J. deals with a lot of challenges on a daily basis. Despite these challenges, he doesn't let them stop him from having fun fishing, swimming, and playing video games with his older brother. T.J. has a huge love for the military; he was even given the opportunity to become and honorary Missouri National Guardsman.

Beau & Bryce

Beau & Bryce

Twin to Bryce, Beau is an energetic, hard-rocking 13 year old who loves to play electric guitar and sing. After a tough start to life as a micropremie with multiple surgeries and complications, Beau bounced back and grew into the lively and lovable kid he is today. He loves collecting Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards, bowling, and Laser Lanes. Beau also enjoys going to the movies, and rock concerts. He loves to go on vacation too. Beau and Bryce play in a band together called Double Vision. They also have a cat named FiFi who they love!

Twin to Beau, Bryce is a determined and fun-loving kid who is happiest when playing the bass, guitar, and singing. He also listens to old-school rock music.  Born as a micropremie, a severe brain bleed caused Bryce to develop cerebral palsy. Despite the obstacles this presents, Bryce still enjoys collecting Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards, bowling, and loves Laser Lanes. He loves to go to the movies and going to rock concerts. Bryce is now 13 years old and he loves to go on vacation. He and his brother Beau play in a band together called Double Vision. They also have a cat named FiFi who they love!


Not much can change Aiden’s awesome smile and outgoing personality. Born eight weeks premature Aiden has had over 26 surgeries to help correct his severe cerebral palsy, heart condition, Chiari malformation, Syringomyelia, and missing corpus callosum in his brain. Even with challenges, Aiden loves books, the outdoors, spongebob, and communicating with his Mom, Dad, & sister through sign language. Be sure to watch out though, because this snuggler is sure to steal your heart!

Claire and Elena
Claire and Elena are two very happy toddlers who love to laugh and play. They were born 5 1/2 weeks premature and started life in an isolette. Now, Claire is adventurous and loves to be on the move and explore her surroundings. Elena enjoys holding her dog's leash from the stroller on their morning walk. They recently got to go to Disney World to watch their dad run in races. They especially loved seeing their favorite princesses. Ellie and Claire make friends no matter where they go, and they especially love giggling and playing with each other.

Otherwise known as Action Jackson this kiddo loves Sonic the Hedgehog, the color green, & playing on his Kindle. Although Jackson has Hemimegalencephaly (HME), causing him to only have half a functioning brain, he is learning to compensate after many hours on intensive therapy, allowing him to learn how to do things in a different way including being a pretty great PS3 player with only one hand! Jackson participated in Miracle baseball this summer where he was given the nickname “Action Jackson” since he was always off and running!

Declan is an awesome kid with an amazing vocabulary that will blow you away. His happy and positive attitude is sure to win you over as well. He is an aspiring wheelchair basketball player who loves cartoons, Star Wars, Minecraft, and riding his adaptive bike made especially for the challenges he faces with his spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. He has now taken on the role of being a big brother, which he does an amazing job at!

This spirited kiddo can be found energetically running around, stealing cell phones to take the most adorable accidental selfies, and talking endlessly. He also loves doing crafts like weaving in his spare time. Dylan undergoes daily therapies to manage his cystic fibrosis, but that doesn’t stop him from being a joking, thoughtful and sweet kid.

Better known as C-Rae, this bright girl lights up a room with her blonde hair and big smile. She was born premature and diagnosed with cerebral palsy, dystonia and neuromuscular scoliosis. She uses a wheelchair, bike, stander and walker, but she never gives up! C-Rae loves swimming and being outside. She loves being on her farm and riding the tractor and ranger, seeing Taz her donkey, playing with the cows, and fishing. She has just learned to do thumbs up to questions too!

Energetic and cheerful, Lizzy is a joy to be around. She loves kitties, dance lessons, and helping out on the family farm. She’s even shown her own calf! Despite the challenges it brings, Lizzy never lets her cystic fibrosis stand in the way of enjoying her active life.

Layla & Suzi

Layla & Suzi

Twin to Suzi, Layla is an artsy girl who like arts and crafts and riding her bike. She is a natural born leader and helps out with all of her siblings. She also loves to dance, cook, and make new friends. 

Twin to Layla, Suzi is shy at first but when she warms up she’s a talkative storyteller who loves to play with barbie’s and her siblings. She is also an animal lover and has gotten 2 awards at school for her big warm heart. She still struggles with her ears and her belly post-premie life but that doesn’t keep this girl from doing what she loves!


Older brother to twins Layla and Suzi, Will is smiley and enthusiastic. He loves baseball, basketball, and really anything with a ball. He also loves to ride horses at Cedar Creek. Once he knows you’re his friend, he’ll play with you all day. Will lives with what’s called partial agenesis of the corpus collosum, meaning about 1/3 of the corpus collosum portion of his brain did not develop. This causes him to have some developmental delays but that doesn’t stop him one bit!


Like any sassy girl, Carli loves all things girly and being social! Carli has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder that keeps her mom and dad on their toes, but that doesn't stop her! Carli loves baseball, playing with her brothers, and all things musical. Her new favorite hobby is listening to audio books. Her favorite position in baseball is the outfield where she can gossip and take naps!


Imaginative and kind, Connor is kid who likes to have fun! Because of his osteogenesis imperfecta (commonly known as brittle bone disease), he uses a wheelchair to get around and has to be more careful than most kids. Connor also lives with Autism and a learning disability. Despite his challenges, Connor embraces the good things about life. He loves technology, books, trains, music, and telling stories.


Maria loves listening to all music, but she is especially fond of Bruno Mars. Maria also loves to spend time outside soaking up the sun. Although she faces challenges each day from a stroke before she was born, hydrocephalus, and cerebral palsy. Maria loves life and is a joy to be around!

Although born with a rare genetic disorder that causes some delays and mobility problems, Dominic is an ornery little guy who loves Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig and just having fun. Dominic is always happy and loves spending time with his brothers and sister!


Collin is a music-loving, carousel-riding friendly boy. He is diagnosed with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and Tetrasomy 18p, a rare genetic duplication that is only know to effect approximately 250-300 people worldwide. In the summer, you can catch this dude swimming and playing with friends!


Shelbi is one smart cookie. She is a straight A student and she is learning to program robots right now. She loves to sing, dance, and play baseball. Shelbi doesn’t have an exact diagnosis, her doctors haven’t been able to crack her code. She does use a gait trainer to assist her, but that doesn't stop her from all her favorite activities!

Our Miracles In The Sky

Tommy: 9/27/04 — 11/25/15
As our miracle in the sky, Tommy is lovingly remembered as a happy boy who loved the Cardinals, the song “Happy”, and being with his family. He fought everyday to overcome challenges associated with a translocation chromosome disorder, cerebral palsy, and seizure disorder, but we know he is always dancing in the sky.

Margaret: 8/20/03 — 5/6/19

Margaret is our spunky, miracle in the sky. Although, she was in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down, Margaret never let this stop her from cheerleading, ice skating, and enjoying her new therapy garden designed by her big brother. Margaret loved the color purple, her older siblings and especially her Phi Delt boys. We know she is doing cartwheels and wearing a big smile wherever she goes in heaven.