Fundraising 101, For The Kids!

Does a $100 minimum seem like a lot of money to raise? We've got some foolproof ways to fundraise that will make it easier than ever to meet (and exceed) your goal For The Kids!!

1. Letter writing 

Our personalized letter writing program allows you to send letters to your closest friends and family to describe the movement you've become a part of. Unsure of what to say in the letter? No worries! We've got a pre-written letter for you to use that explains it all.

2. Canning 

MizzouThon organizes several canning weekends throughout the year, which is when we go to stores and busy intersections around Columbia to ask for donations from the Columbia community. For every 3 hour shift you can, $30 will be donated towards your personal fundraising goal on DonorDrive!


DonorDrive is the Fundraising Portal MizzouThon and other Dance Marathons use to manage all of our Online Donations. Personalizing your fundraising page shows those who visit it how much you care about our cause.

4. Social Media 

Tell your friends and family about us! Always explain how MizzouThon has impacted you and what your goals are for becoming involved in our movement.

5. Cash and checks 

Place the money inside any mailing envelope. Write your first name, last name, and pawprint on the outside of the envelope. Take the envelope up to the Center for Student Involvement (2nd floor Student Center) and place it in our mailbox.